Simon Bowman our experienced consulting sports physio sets the high standards and takes pride in helping you return to your best .Ocean Village Physiotherapy

Ocean Village Physiotherapy sees an upgrade and expansion in our clinic to combine high quality Physio therapy treatment with high quality Rehab Therapy and adding classes for:

  • Physio led Pilates Rehab Programs and classes (some healthcare rebates may apply)
  • Arthritis Clinic ‘Hour
  • Back Class
  • Osteo Class
  • Fall Prevention Therapy

Rehab (def)
: to bring (someone or something) back to a normal, healthy (good) condition after an illness, injury, etc

At session one you will understand your pain and or movement concerns, when we undertake to solve the issues you present with. We will put together by session 2 a detailed treatment and rehab plan. This may involve getting your joints moving better, muscles stronger, and your tissues healthier. Our aim is to get you back doing the things you love as soon as possible.

Simon Bowman, an experienced consultant sports or manipulative physio, practicing at Ocean Village, Wembley Downs. If your problem is detailed, new or just will not go away, you can take up the option of a comprehensive 1 hour initial (longer and more detailed) appointment by a highly experienced consulting physiotherapist to get you back on track. So step one, book in and move forward with your healthcare direction. We offer:

  • 1 hour detailed initial appointments by highly experienced consulting physiotherapists
  • 30 min standard initial appointment and follow-up consultation
  • Hands-on manual therapy
  • Sports injuries – clinical diagnosis and rehab plan
  • Neck and back treatment
  • Pre and post-op care and rehab plans
  • Acupuncture - dry needling
  • Arthritis and Balance classes
  • Core retraining led by physios (including Pilates reformer, Ball therapy, floor and mat stretching and strengthening)
  • Baby’s Development Movement Milestone Exercises
  • Workers comp, DVA and motor vehicle accident care

Injuries we treat

Manual Therapy

Postural stress
Soft tissue remedial massage


Sports Injuries

Swimmers shoulder
Netballers knee
Footballers shoulder
Cricketers back stress


Back and Neck

Mobilise and manipulate where appropriate
Clinical Reformer Pilates
Stretch or strengthen programs
Chronic pain


Exercise Classes

Bulk bill
Fall prevention

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So whether you are resolving a painful shoulder, targeting a fun-run, looking to walk or run to lose weight and return to fitness, our physiotherapists will help you achieve your goal, just step up and take the first step back to being the pain-free, fitter, happier, real you.

Our lead practitioner

Simon Bowman
  • Senior Physiotherapist
  • Bachelor of Physiotherapy Honours
  • Master in Sports Physiotherapy